Perfectly suited for liquid food packaging, photographic paper, flexible and commercial packaging

The extrusion coating market is a specialized market demanding for specific technical requirements. We are committed to working with our customers in order to continuously improve the performance of our resins. 

Solutions to customers

NOVA® Olefins & Polymers extended its product range with low to medium polar comonomer for demanding applications and adhesion. These grades are supplied into our key markets

Modified LDPE grades such as NOVA® PE demonstrate an excellent combination of properties including processability and adhesion up to line speeds of 650 m/min.

We recommend that short chain branched LLDPE such as NOVA® PE be selected for applications which require excellent ESCR and/or improved mechanical or sealing properties.


Low Density Polyethylene
LDPE is the most commonly used polymer in extrusion coating. Our broad LDPE product range for extrusion coating fulfils different requirements on processing and/or application. You can choose between LDPE grades with excellent draw down ability or with very low neck in. The wide range of LDPE grade densities offer different barrier and sealing properties and also influence the tendency for blocking

DSC melting temperature Density MFRProduct name
112924 4.1 NOVA® PE 19004
109 920 7.5NOVA® PE 19007
107 918 15NOVA® PE 19015

Grafted - Copolymers

The polar Comonomer grafted plastics grade range from NOVA® Olefins & Polymers low to medium comonomer content, shows improved adhesion characteristics especially to aluminum foil or to metallized films. It can be used in mono- or co-extrusion at high line speeds or at low coating weights and has a similar processing window to LDPE.

DSC melting temperature 0C Density Comonomer Product name
108 7.5 0.5%NOVA® G_PE 19001
1074.5 1.0% NOVA® G_PE 19002
105 3.5 1.8%NOVA® G_PE 19003

Chain branched Linear Low Density Polyethylene

The CB-LLDPE grade range for extrusion coating, extrusion such as pipe production with a basic antioxidant additive package shows an outstanding ESCR performance and improved sealing and mechanical properties compared to LDPE.

DSC melting temperature Density MFR Product name
114 925 1.5NOVA® PERT-H
114925 0.5 NOVA® PERT-L


PP has high temperature and grease resistance properties and therefore it is commonly used in the pet food market or for microwave oven applications. Here we are offering a ready to use modified PP for mono- or co-extrusion also which can be used in co-extrusion or in blends with LDPE.

DSC melting temperature Density MFR Product name
161 900 14NOVA® PP 6001
161900 35 NOVA® PP 6001